GN MFD in Pictures

More on the history of the Great Northern Motor Freight Division shown through additional pictures.

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Click for larger image A 1948 model 825 Kenworth with a 1948 Brown trailer. The unit had yet to have logos and numbers applied.
A 1948 Stan Warner Photo
Model 825 Kenworth no. 33 pulling a peg axle Brown trailer. This unit is sporting the old GN Stages logo. The aircraft style peg axles on this trailer proved to be very unsatisfactory for highway vehicle use. The trailers were returned to Brown Mfg. in Spokane, WA to be equipped with a spring suspension system. Click for larger image
A 1949 Stan Warner Photo
Click for larger image A 1951 view of 4 units just out of the Great Falls terminal's wash rack. They are loaded and ready for departure with an early morning next day arrival at their destination point. The front trailer vent boxes are open, indicating iced trailers with perishable goods aboard. There would be enough ice in the bunkers to last 24 hours.
A 1951 Stan Warner Photo
The 1949 GMC tractor was delivered with a 504 cu. in. gasoline engine. It was replaced with a NH220 Cummins diesel engine in 1954 giving the unit an additional 75 hp. This required the front frame rails to be extended six inches, a rebuilt of the hood, radiator mountings and shroud along with the radiator grill.  Click for larger image
A 1956 Al Seeley Photo
Click for larger image A GMC tractor pulling a Minuteman missile silo liner on a specially built tri-axle trailer. A third rear axle was added to the tractors that handled the liners. The liners weighed 102,000 lbs., were 62 ft. in length and 14 ft. in diameter. Special use permits were required for most of the silo liner work.
A 1961 S.J. Warner Photo
Two eighty ton cranes have lifted the silo liner from the trailer and have started to lower it into the ground. The GN Freightliner trucks moved missile silo components from the various railheads to the missile sites in Montana and North Dakota. Click for larger image
A 1962 S.J. Warner Photo
Click for larger image Kenworth F31 with Brown trailer FT405 at Elk Park hill 20 miles south of Butte, MT. This type of combination represented the typical equipment used throughout the area served by the trucking operation.
A 1965 Robert Meade Photo
Two truck line mechanics watch as the Kenworth delivery driver inspects and prepares for unloading and final delivery of the three model 925-W 1967 tractors at the Great Falls truck line shop-garage. The units are numbers 82, 83 and 84. All the Stages / Freightliner power units were painted white over blue until the introduction of Big Sky Blue in late 1968. Freightliner 4x4 units 89-93 came painted the solid Big Sky Blue. Click for large image

A 1967 Walt Peck Photo

All pictures from the collection of Stan Warner