The Great Northern Railway wasn't all trains. Sometimes it was more economical and more efficient to move Less-than-Car-Load (LCL) shipments by truck than by way freight service.

One such example was the Great Northern Stages Freightliner / Motor Freight Division operation in Montana. Little known to many GN employees this small trucking operation provided pick-up and delivery services, trailer on flatcar shipments as well as bus service in a large part of Montana and western North Dakota.

Stan Warner was one of the drivers who spent a lifetime with the Great Northern Motor Freight Division. Stan approached me recently with the question if I would be willing to devote part of my 'Great Northern Empire' website to the history of GN's Motor Freight Division. He had noticed that there wasn't much knowledge around on this GN trucking operation, and was therefore very interested in getting the historical aspect of this grand trucking operation to as many interested parties as possible, especially as there are very few of the GNMFD employees still living. Stan shared his knowledge of the Motor Freight Division and opened his files to provide the information and pictures contained in this website.

With it being a part of Great Northern history, I am happy to devote a part of my website to the Great Northern Motor Freight Division, and this is the result. I hope this website will help in making the Great Northern Motor Freight Division better known, as it was also one of the things that made the Great Northern - GREAT!


Ben Ringnalda


All photos contained in this website are from the collection of Stan Warner unless otherwise noted.